Built accordance to cGMP Standards, Grade A to Grade D

Designing HVAC system for bio-cleanroom project such as pharmaceutical, laboratories and hospital is a specialised skills which required knowledge of specific regulations

cGMP, categorise the pharmaceutical unit range from Grade A to Grade D. HVAC system serves the pharmaceutical cleanroom must ensure that the working environment is well controlled to minimise process defects, assure product quality and provide workers safety and health

Pressurisation is always important in designing the bio-cleanroom. Higher pressure or lower pressure of the room corresponding to the surrounding or corridor are the key factor before designing the HVAC system

Room are constructed using smooth, monolithic, cleanable, chip resistant materials with a minimum of joints and seams and no crevices.

Vinyl or Epoxy floor system features seal seams to prevent accumulative contamination. Either system depends on the application of the floor.

Seamless ceiling works to ensure servicing and installation of terminal Hepa or supply diffuser with proper sealants works to minimise the leakages.